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We've always been mad, we've been mad for fucking years

GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF deadbeatdancer 

Just as the apocolypse, this has been coming since the dawning of time.

It's pretty much just for me and deadbeatdancer spewing up
random shit about The Killers and others.
Mostly The Killers
and maybe pop tarts

Basically this is just another way to clear are deep most crazy darkest thoughts
about the gods that call themselfs The Killers
because they run through are minds 100% of the time
And we need a way of releasing these thoughts
before we implode. It's for are own health basically


Mark all smiles



Today is my Killers day so I need some Killers spam before the end of the night. Help a brother out.
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In the past hour I have found out:

-The discovery Channel accepts pay pal. I CAN OWN MYTHBUSTERS ON DVD. Isn't that the greatest. When I'm not working or fapping about The Killers, I can relax at home and watch Mythbusters when ever I want. That is THEE LIFE. I can watch Tori and his rugged manliness all day.

-Ryan Stock and Amberlynn are from MY home town and live in MY home town. RYAN STOCK IS FROM EDMONTON AND LIVES IN EDMONTON. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD! asdasdsadsadsadasd THERE MIGHT BE A CHANCE OF ME "ACCIDENTALLY" BUMPING INTO MY TRUE LOVE ON THE STREET. Can I get a Woot Woot.

-And last but not least. It is now October 9th. Do you know what comes out October 9th?...

Ya, tell me about it.

AND I have money.

I SHOULD be posting about RAH trailer and WDLS demo but I save myself. I dont want to hear it and then when it finally comes out be like "Oh, thats' old news"

Okay, so that's enough excitement for one night. I'm going to go to bed now and try to steady my heart beat.


Dave eyeliner

SVU is so fucked up, it's grand.

Dear caps people and people alike.

Spam me with Killers spam. I Never get spammed...bitches.

I am feeling better now so Franz Ferdinand pictures are on the Horizon.

My icon picture is so hot I want to take it behind the school and get it PREGNANT.
It's so hot it's causing the ice caps to melt. BA DUM DUM TSSSSS.


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I still find it hard to believe Brandon has evar had sex. NGL

Short update:

My shifts:
Friday = 10 am till 10:30 pm
Sat = 2pm till 11pm
Sunday = 9:45 am till 12am.

3 DOUBLE SHIFTS IN A ROW. I was suppose to be off at 6 on Friday and Sunday but I was black mailed into staying. My paycheck is going to be huge. 12 shifts, 3 of which are time and a half. Aww yeah.

deadbeatdancer do you still want to change your username? You can next week when I get paid.

I finally listened to my FF cd's in full! that band is frekin amazing. I am so glad I started listening to them.


That is all.
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Sorry for the delay, I was accompanying Brandon on one of his missionary ventures, the one that capslock_emily DIDN'T WANT TO COME ON. SHAMMMMMEEEE.

But now i'm back. This post is gonna take for eva to write.

What happened in the last 2 weeks:

I work 6 shifts a week now so the only thing interesting that happened to me is I sprained my wrist on the last day of MAM/Canada Day.
This "do not cross" sign jumped out onto the road (must have been drunk) and I crashed into it on my bike. But because i'm such a frekin bad ass I kept on riding even though I was in agony. I cried, but still BAD ASS. IKR. Also I haven't rode a bike in donkey's years so once again raising the bad ass bar higher and higher.

You guise, i've been to nice too my enemy saulandromans WHATS WRONG WITH ME!!!

Also some bitch on deviant art STOLE on of my Brandon pic. I'M GOING TO PUNCH HER IN HER OVERIES.

How do I make my LJ friends only??? anyone?

I am about to show you random pictures of my life as proof that I actually have one. I hate it. My life in the last 2 weeks, I could have been at home on the puter BUT NOOOOOOOOO
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And even though I HATE HATE HATE people reading my stuff, I told my favourite person ever neonntiger (BECAUSE ILH) and my new BFF therebeldiamond that I would post this mini thing I wrote on The Killers at 3am while watching a documentary on David Bowie.
Did I mention I wrote it in the memo section of my black berry. I am no good at writing but I am my own worst critic. No where close to the type of writing deadbeatdancer creates.

Arg here it is:

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That is all.





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